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Employers should promote wellbeing initiatives in the workplace as healthier employees are far more productive. A member of the senior management team should oversee such issues and the introduction of a wellbeing working group is recommended.
10 things you can do to promote the wellbeing of employees in the office;-
  • Promote work life balance by providing management with training to identify the early signs of stress and the necessary skills to help manage staff working hours efficiently. Company employees should not regularly be required to work more than their contractual hours. If working over is a regular occurrence this should be identified and action taken to resolve.
  • Encourage employees to walk or cycle to work. Provide a secure location on site for bicycle storage and changing room facilities.
  • Ensure employees take their permitted breaks way from their desk. Provide rest areas where employees can chill out or even take a power nap.
  • Introduce a regular 'Wellbeing Day' in the company calendar to help promote a healthy lifestyle. Provide information on nutrition, a body pit stop to measure individual fitness and taster classes for stress management techniques including yoga and massage.
  • Eating the right foods is an important part of employee wellbeing. If you have in-house catering ensure there is always a healthy option available. Provide Nutrition information and promote "5 A Day".
  • Ensure employees have access to gym facilities. Provide in-house facility or join forces with a local gym and provide subsidised membership. Gyms will offer big discounts to local businesses so shop around.
  • Organise workplace challenges such as a Wii Sports / Wii Fit challenge. A popular challenge to introduce is a pedometer challenge where staff are targeted with walking 10,000 steps a day.
  • Work with local companies who can offer health and wellbeing services such as massage, yoga and other stress busting activities in the workplace.
  • Organise inter departmental or inter company sports activities outside of work. Football, cricket and golf are always a popular choice. Provide a trophy for the winners.
  • Introduce massage chairs around the office. Vending massage chairs can be supplied for little or no outlay depending on the usage. Maintenance of the chair is normally included as standard through the vending massage chair supplier.