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Visitors and Contractors

Arrangements should be put in place to ensure non- employees (visitors and contractors) are not at risk whilst on the premises. A simple system should be introduced with regards booking in and out.
Passes should only be issued to visitors, temporary workers and contractors requiring entry for official business only.

Conditions Of Entry

Once the pass has been issued the following conditions of entry should apply;
  • All visitors and contractors must be issued with a pass before entering company premises.
  • This pass must be worn and displayed at all times whilst on company premises.
  • A company employee must accompany all visitors and contractors unless authorised by the site management.
  • On hearing the fire alarm leave the building by the nearest available exit and report to your designated assembly point.
  • All visitors and contractors must return their pass before leaving company premises even if they intend to return later.
Signing In
  • All form fields of the pass must be electronically completed.
  • Passes should be printed and inserted into colour-coded wallets to easily identify visitors, temporary workers and contractors.
  • If the visitor, temporary worker or contractor is new to the site they should be made aware of the fire arrangements in the event of the fire alarm sounding.
  • Passes should be pinned to the person before entry is granted.
Signing Out

As a security precaution and comply with data protection act care should be taken when disposing of used passes. We recommend used passes are shredded.


Contractors must additionally complete the contractor’s section of the pass before any works commences. This includes construction works, installations general site maintenance and servicing. Contractors not carrying out manual works will not be required to complete the contractor’s section.