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Data Protection Act and CCTV

Here we give a brief summary of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) focusing on the legal duties of companies who install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) on their premises. Failure to comply with the act may result in legal action being taken and could also effect the Police’s ability to use CCTV images to prosecute offenders.
  • A review process should be in place to ensure CCTV system remains compliant with the requirements of the Act.
  • CCTV should only be used for the prevention and detection of criminal activity and recordings should only be kept for a minimum period (normally 1 calendar month).
  • Signage should be in place to warn the public entering a CCTV area and include contact details of the scheme administrator.
  • CCTV systems should be serviced and maintained to ensure image quality, accurate time and date.
  • Viewing CCTV images should be in a private area and restricted to authorised persons.
  • Images used as evidence should be controlled and kept in secure place.
  • The individuals (Data Subjects) whose images have been recorded