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Risk Assessment

In the UK risk assessment is a legal requirement to undertake a systematic assessment of all risks (except where trivial) to employees. This is the key to identifying, eliminating or reducing all risks.
A risk is a measure of the likelihood that harm from a particular hazard will occur, taking into account the possible severity of the harm.

It is primary managements responsibility to carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments. However, the process may be carried out in collaboration with a risk assessor, safety officers, nominated persons and other employees as appropriate. The person carrying out the assessment should receive suitable training and guidance.

5 Steps to Risk Assessment include;-

Step 1 - Hazard Identification
A hazard is something with the potential to cause harm, i.e. use of substances, equipment, form of energy, method of work, or a situation.

Step 2 - Groups Of People At Risk

Risk assessments should be carried out taking into account the special needs of specific groups of individuals such as young workers, people with disabilities and pregnant women, or where groups which are covered by specific legislation

Step 3 - Control Measures
Control measures should be only implemented once you have failed to eliminate or reduce any such risks to an acceptable level. This may include training, written procedures, mechanical aids, personal protective equipment, signage, etc.

Step 4 - Record Your findings
Appropriate risk assessment documents should be used.

Step 5 - Review Date
Risk assessment should be reviewed on a regular basis and/or when there is a significant change to process, equipment, activity or people.

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