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Office Health and Safety

Employers are required to take steps to minimise the risk to employees in the workplace. It is perceived that office environments are low risk but they present many hazards.
New starters should be inducted on their first day in any arrangements senior management have put place with regards the management of occupational health and safety in the workplace. Arrangements would normally include what action should be taken if you discover a fire or in the event of a fire alarm, what action to take in the event of an incident or accident, who are the first aiders, who is responsible for reporting and investigating incidents or accidents, for the users of display screen equipment what are the provisions for eye site tests, how often the company health and safety committee meets and who the representatives are, etc.

Further to this any potential hazards that have been identified and any control measures put in place following risk assessment should also be communicated during the induction.

Potential hazards to be found in a modern office building include;-
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Manual Handling
  • Electricity
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
  • Fire
  • Lone Working
Please note special conditions may be required for people with disabilities, pregnant women, young persons, members of the public, visitors and contractors.

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