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Health and Safety Committees

It is the duty of employers to form a health and safety committee if requested to do so by at least two union appointed health and safety representatives. However many employers will routinely set up a health and safety committee as a decision making forum for dealing with health and safety matters in the workplace. Committees must be properly constituted and should consist of company management and elected employee representatives.
Larger companies may choose to set up a number of health and safety committees in each of their workplaces or businesses. Where this is the case the setting up of a health and safety committee at company or group level will provide co-ordination between committees.

The prime function of a health and safety committee is to give advice and make recommendations on matters leading to improvements in health and safety practices.

The main objectives of the health and safety committee should be;-
  •     to reduce the numbers of personal injury accidents
  •     to stimulate interest in health and safety matters
  •     review changes in work practices and legislation

Arrangements should be put in place to feedback the outcome of meetings to employees.