Waste Minimisation Tips

Follow our simple tips to help reduce office paper waste to landfill.
  • Select appropriate software use in order to send internal and external correspondence electronically.
  • Store files electronically on your computer, shared server, disk or device.
  • When editing documents on your computer make use of print preview, use small font and set narrow margins.
  • When printing use both sides of the paper, photocopiers can be set to print on both sides by default.
  • Ensure printer and copiers by default return to single copy printing after use.
  • Keep mailing lists up to date to avoid duplication and unwanted correspondence.
  •     Reuse scrap paper as notepaper.
  •     Envelopes can be reused for internal post.
  • Join an office paper recycling scheme.
  • Provide office paper receptacles around the office and encourage staff to segregate their paper waste.
  • Only purchase recycled paper products to help support the market for paper recycled goods.

Office Waste