Waste Management

All businesses have a legal 'Duty of Care' to ensure any waste they produce is controlled. When appointing a waste management contractor you should ensure they are reputable as any illegal tipping of your waste may contravene your duty of care. Waste that is removed from the business premises the appointed contractor must supply a copy of the waste transfer note. The waste transfer note would include a description of the waste, quantity and waste destination.
Contractors removing and handling certain hazardous waste types are required to have been issued a special waste license. A requirement of a special waste license is for the contractor to make the environmental agency aware of hazardous waste movement by returning a copy of the consignment notice form. A copy of the consignment notice should also be handed to the waste producer who should hold on file for a 3 year period. As with the waste transfer notice.

Please note that waste electrical and electronic equipment are covered under specific regulations. Under the regulations the producer (manufacturers, retailers, branders and importers) has a responsibility for the recovery and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment where a similar replacement product is ordered. If purchased after 13th April 2005 the producer has responsibility but without the requirement of any similar replacement product being ordered.

Waste Regulations