Sustainable Travel Plan

With many companies looking to reduce their impact on the environment introducing a sustainable travel plan will help reduce carbon emissions caused by commuting and business travel. Statistics show that in the UK around a quarter of all CO2 emissions can be contributed to personal car travel.
Employers to consider and promote the alternative travel options available to help reduce car travel for all its employees. This may include;-

Video conferencing and tele-conferencing
By providing investment in equipment this may help reduce the requirement to travel to business meetings, save on travel and accommodation expenses and result in an efficient use of the employees time.

Walking to work
This is recommended for those living within 2 miles of the workplace and has obvious health benefits. Cars pollute more at the start of journeys when the engines are cold. Shower and changing facilities will need to be provided at the workplace.

Cycling to work
Again obvious health benefits. Bicycle storage racks, shower and changing facilities will need to be provided at the workplace.

Public transport
Having good transport links close to your business will help employees with their decision to leave the car at home. Additional cost benefits to the employee as public transport is normally cheaper in comparison to running a car.

Car sharing schemes
Promoting a car share scheme in the workplace to encourage employees to share journeys and associated costs with other colleagues.

Company car policy
Introduce a procedure to consider CO2 emissions and alternative fuel options during the procurement process of new company vehicles.

Car Parking
Charging for car parking at the workplace will help employees consider the alternative solutions. Funds can be re-invested in the travel plan.