Pest Control

Procedures to reduce the risk of insect or rodent infestation should be implemented as office buildings provide pests with warmth, food and shelter. Catering and eating areas are particular areas at risk and by ignoring simple pest control measures this may aid pest infestation and help spread disease and cause distress amongst staff.
Simple control measures should include;-
  • Discouraging the eating of meals at workstations and providing designated areas such as rest areas and restaurant facilities for this purpose.
  • Introducing a strict cleaning regime with the emptying of office bins on a daily basis to an external refuse area.
  • The integrity of the office building should be maintained with any holes and gaps in walls plugged and filled.
  • Rodent bait boxes placed both internally and externally in strategic places around the building. A specialist pest control contractor will advise on suitable positions of the bait boxes.
  • The sighting of the external refuse area should be away from the office building.
  • Waste skips and bins within the external refuse area should be emptied regularly to ensure they are not be overfilled.
  • Waste skips and bins containing food waste should include lids or covers.