Office Temperature

The temperature of the office should be maintained at the optimum working temperature of 19 to 23 degrees. Installation of building services plant and equipment including air conditioning, heat exchange units and hot water heating systems will heat and cool the office to the required temperature.
Other factors to consider are how energy efficient is the building fabric. Ensure the building fabric is well insulated to stop heat escaping and controlling the risk of rapid temperature changes through solar gain.

The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations)

  • Recommended - 19 to 23 degrees centigrade.
  • Minimum - 16 degrees centigrade.
  • Maximum - Currently there is no maximum workplace temperatures although employers should ensure temperatures in the workplace are reasonable.
Many modern office buildings will have open plan areas where many people all sharing the same working environment. We all know human beings are different and when working in such close surroundings may lead to conflict over the office temperature with some preferring the temperature at the lower setting and some more higher setting. Providing some local control over setting the temperature is important so ensuring plant is capable to automatic shutdown on high temperature to effectively control energy usage and eliminate over heating is a must.

Office Temperature