Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires disease is associated with water services in buildings typically cooling towers and hot water systems.
The legionella pneumophila bacteria multiplies at temperatures between 20 - 50 degrees and it is widely acknowledged that legionnaires disease is contracted through the inhalation of fine water droplets so the use of showers, sprays and humidifiers increase the risk.

Anybody may contract legionnaire disease but a particular group of people at risk are the elderly, smokers, people with existing respiratory problems, low immune system and if taking immunosuppressive drugs.

A specialist water treatment company will carry out a detailed risk assessment and identify any control measures required.

Hot water system maintenance may include;

Run any taps that are low usage for 15 minutes.

Check temperatures at calorifiers (above 60 degrees) and nearest and farthest taps after water has been allowed to run for 1 minute (hot above 50 degrees/ cold below 20 degrees).

Carry out a complete chlorination of water system.