Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations

A person will be classed as a user of display screen equipment (DSE) if their normal work activities include the use of display screen equipment for prolonged use. Display screen equipment describes VDU’s (visual display units) and VDT’s (visual display terminals).
Regulation 2
Carry out assessment on all persons who use display screen equipment to control any risks associated with this type of work.

Regulation 3
Ensue workstations meet the minimum requirements.

Regulation 4
Ensure work is planned and regular breaks or changes in work activity is introduced to reduce display screen equipment workload.

Regulation 5
Provide free eyesight tests on all persons who use display screen equipment if requested to do so. Provide free corrective appliances if the eye or eyesight test shows that the provision of such appliance is necessary when using display screen equipment.

Regulation 6
Provide training and instruction for all persons who use display screen equipment.

Regulation 7
Provide adequate information to all persons who use display screen equipment with regards the regulations including existing control measures and corrective actions employed.

Computer Health and Safety, Display Screen Equipment, Office Computers