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Contractor Site Rules

The information in the following pages have been produced as a guide to help protect contractors and others from injury or ill health whilst working within the office premises.
All contractors carrying out work on within the office premises including externally is required to return the last page of the handout signed and dated once they have read and absorbed the guidance.

We are committed in providing a safe and healthy office environment for all. To this affect the criteria for contractor selection is to demonstrate competence in the management of health & safety.

In the UK risk assessment is a legal requirement to undertake a systematic assessment of all risks (except where trivial) to employees. This is the key to identifying, eliminating or reducing all risks. Contractors should provide a copy of their risk assessment and / or method statement on request.

Contractors should note any individual observed working in an unsafe or unhealthy manner would result in all work being suspended pending an investigation by a company representative.

If you have any questions regarding the information in this guide please contact your site representative.

General Rules
All contractors must report to the reception or control room as soon as they arrive on site to sign the visitor’s register.

At this time permits, keys and security passes will be issued. We will also advise on parking of vehicles, where best to unload tools and materials from vehicles.

Whilst on site contractors should only eat or drink in designated areas. No radios are permitted anywhere on site unless agreed with the site contact.

Keys and passes must not be taken off site. Return them to reception or the control room.

Contractors must inform their site contact before leaving site. We reserve the right to search any vehicles and packages.

Permit To Work
A permit to work may be required for specified hazardous operations such as hot work, confined spaces and live electrical work.

Your site contact will advise if a permit to work is required.

Before starting work you should consult the asbestos register as to location of all known asbestos.

If you have any doubt about any materials you should stop work immediately and consult your site contact.

If you think you have disturbed asbestos. Stop work immediately, evacuate the area and cordon off to prevent unintended access. Report the incident to your site contact.

Office Workers And Visitors
Consider how your work could affect office workers and visitors. Cordon off your work area and always display clear warning signs.

Do not leave tools, equipment or other material unattended.

Do not undertake any noisy, dust or fume creating operations without checking with your site contact.

Be considerate in your behavior.

Contractors are responsible for the removal of rubbish from their work area. Disposing of waste in any of the site bins or skips is not permitted unless authorised by your site contact.

Keep all walkways, corridors and fire escapes clear of materials, rubbish and trailing cables at all times.

Leave your work area safe, clean and secure when work is finished.

It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure any holes are temporary filled and on completion permanently filled to prevent the spread of rodents.

Contractors are responsible for providing their own cleaning tools and materials.

Contractors should be clearly identifiable from their uniform and must wear a valid ID pass at all times.

Under no circumstances should fire doors be propped open. This allows access to thieves and others intending to cause harm to our business.

Keys and passes must not be taken off site. Return them to reception or the control room.

Out of Hours Work
To minimize the risk to office workers' health and safety some works may be planned for completion outside of normal working hours.

If this is the case contractors should consult their site contact as to security, access and egress.

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